EXHIBITION IN KYOTO 04/12-05/12/2019


Exhibition venue:

former Junpu Elementary School
609-1 Kakimoto, Omiya Hanayacho-agaru,Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600

11:00-18:00-closed tuesday & wednesday (open National holidays)



Anatomy of a French family-investigation in progress-

Armelle Kergall’s ‘Anatomy of a French Family’ is a photographic art project. She staged each member of her family while re-creating her family tree, based on an investigation similar to what an anthropologist would do.


She has a large family: 124 members including only grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brother, nephews and first cousins. She has always felt strong ties and been attracted by a somehow invisible link of a family. Having appreciated the great French writer Zola who examined families over generations in his novels, she has also recently become fascinated by theories of “psycho-genealogy”, and these have been the main inspirations for how her project has developed until now and will progress far into future generations.


In 2005, the artist began to photograph each member of her family. She makes observations and captures the very essence of each character behind their daily life behavior in the places that best defined them - the bedroom, the office, the living room - shooting as if casting the family in a play shows us their hidden connections and narrates a saga.


One day she heard about a deceased grandfather who was also making family portraits. She realized that this man she never met enjoyed doing exactly the same thing as her. The encounter with his old pictures ensured her conviction that this art project must be her lifework, feeling as if her grandfather had asked her to complete his unfinished task. Armelle Kergall pursues her narrative of a “distant echo” and strong link with her ancestors over several generations of her family tree.